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Auletris is a company operating in the event management business since 2010. Our main focus is organization of scientific-oriented events, such as conferences, symposia and large scale congresses.

We have a large network of suppliers ready to fulfill all the needs our customers might have. Our main goal is to provide excellent services with personal and professional attitude. Auletris was founded as a small family company in order to provide our clients personal contact.

The Auletris team has a well-founded knowledge of the academic field combined with excellent organization skills thus being able to provide first-class services and consultation not only for academically oriented events.

Auletris team is set of professional enthusiasts with broad experience in event management. We are able to communicate in following languages: English, Czech, Slovak, French, German, Chinese.

With a functioning and reliable team Auletris is prepared to organize all types of events from small meetings to a large scale congress. We are ready for clients from the whole world.

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Services we are ready to provide

Meeting and Event Management More

We are ready to prepare tailor-made meetings and events on various occasions for your company or society. We can help you with tasks such as objective setting, event creation, event logistics & meeting planning, delegate & event management, marketing and communication or administrative services.

Professional Congress Organizer More

Since 2010 Auletris has provided services as PCO based on the deep knowledge of academic environment and Prague destination. We will be happy to prepare an event that best fits your needs. From a small event to a large scale congress, if you are looking for a reliable partner in Prague with a personal attitude, Auletris will help you find what you need.

Destination Management More

Auletris has built up a network of suppliers who are ready to deliver first-class services. If you are looking for a place in Prague or elsewhere in the Czech Republic for an important business meeting, small lecture hall, team building destination, or conference and congress location, we are ready to help you and offer several options for you to choose depending on your most preferences.

Association Management More

Auletris can help you with the management of your association. If you need assistance or consultation with tasks such as organizing board meetings, member database management or secretarial assistance, we will provide you services depending on your individual requirements.

Consulting More

We will be happy to analyse your event and explore all the potential event realisation options. We can offer you various ways of preparing an event and you will be able to choose the one that is most suitable for you.

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Our strengths, results

  • Personal Approach

    It is important for us to know our clients personally as we believe it is the best way to understand every client’s needs.

  • Client Analysis

    To fulfil our clients' requirements, deep analysis of client’s needs is the first step. Only if we understand each other we can cooperate effectively to prepare a successful event.

  • 97 countries

    Communication with representatives from 97 countries

  • 4 continents

    Actively presented at commercial exhibitions on 4 continents

Future events

The 21st European Association of Taiwan Studies Annual Conference

11th European Conference on Residual Stresses

Seventh Philosophy of Language and Mind Network Conference

35th European Crystallographic Meeting

Our past events

  • 3D-BioInfo Elixir 2023 - 120 pax
  • Flatland Beyond Graphene Conference 2023 - 250 pax
  • The International Association of Computing and Philosophy Conference - 150 pax
  • The 20th European Association of Taiwan Studies Annual Conference - 130 pax
  • Wittgenstein and Philosophy for 21st Century - 50 pax
  • 25th 16th Seminar of International Association of Tibetan Studies 2022 - Hybrid event - 900 pax (800 pax onsite)
  • 25th Congress and General Assembly of the International Union of Crystallography 2021 - Hybrid event - 1800 pax (500 pax onsite)
  • 13th International Deleuze Studies Conference and Camp 2021 - Virtual event - 300 pax
  • Measurement, Visualization and Processing in BIM for Design and Construction Management 2019 - 300 pax
  • The International Colloqium on Stability and Ductility of Steel Structures 2019 - 170 pax
  • GeoInformation for Disaster Management 2019 - 150 pax
  • 16th International Congress on Logic, Methodology and Philosophy of Science and Technology 2019 - 800 pax
  • Sherwin-Williams Sales Meeting 2019 - January 2019 - 750 pax
  • IUCr 2020 Representation in Oviedo, Spain - August 2018
  • Michelin Tigar Tyres Event - 1-3 September 2017 - 120 pax
  • IUCr 2020 Representation in Hyderabad, India - August 2017
  • 37th EARSeL Symposium - 20-30 June 2017 - 100 pax
  • XXIII ISPRS Congress – 12-19 June 2016 – 3300 pax
  • Zero Waste Conference: Bez Obalu 2016 – 7 June 2016 – 350 pax
  • Canguilhem et la pensée du vivant 27-28 November 2014 – 40 pax
  • 4th Workshop on Land Use & Land Cover 1-3 June 2011 – 80 pax
  • 5th Workshop on Remote Sensing of the Coastal Zone 1-3 June 2011 – 70 pax
  • 3rd Workshop on Education and Training 31 May 2011 – 30 pax
  • 31th EARSeL Symposium 30 May-2 June 2011 – 350 pax



Gabriella Kegye Michelin

Thank you again for your very professional work! This event became a benchmark in our entity, so next year, I hope that I can found an agency with whom I can organize our meeting on (almost) the same level.

I’m sure if once I have to return to Prague for an event, I’ll contact you!

Prof. Edward Mikhail, PhD Professor Emeritus of Civil Engineering

Geomatics Engineering
Purdue University:

I have been participating in ISPRS Congresses for five decades, starting in 1964 in Lisbon, Portugal. Every four years it is held in a different city and country. Consequently, the organization and management of the Congress varied significantly from one to the other.

It is no exaggeration at all that of all of them that I had attended, the one in Prague was the best. It was extremely well organized and very well staffed by people whom I found to be most helpful and kind.This included very thoughtful support prior to, during, and after the Congress. The support covered not only the technical aspects of the Congress but also the social and recreational activities that added materially to the enjoyment of participating.

As a retired Professor I had decided to come on my own expense. I was very glad that I did as I truly had a memorable experience. The members of the organization, and in particular, you, are to be highly commended for a great and well done job.

Dr. Shailesh NayakDistinguished Scientist

Earth System Science Organisation
Ministry of Earth Sciences:

ISPRS Congress in Prague was extremely well -organized, has scientifically rich presentations and provided a platform to interact with academicians, professionals, and most important students.

Dr. A. Senthil KumarDirector

Indian Institute of Remote Sensing (ISRO) & CSSTEAP
Centre for Space and Technology Education in Asia and the Pacific
(Affiliated to the United Nations)

ISPRS Congress at Prague was a wonderful event and very nicely organised one.

Prof. Christian HeipkeISPRS President

c/o Institut fuer Photogrammetrie und GeoInformation (IPI)
Leibniz Universitaet Hannover:

I hereby confirm that the company Auletris, s.r.o. served as Professional Conference Organizer (PCO) of the XXIII ISPRS Congress in Prague, from 12-19 July 2016. Auletris provided all the services necessary for the congress, especially the program management, registration of participants, commercial exhibition management, site management, social program preparation, webpage & application management, accommodation services, etc. The services were provided either directly by Auletris or by the subcontractors under the management of Auletris. The company Auletris provided first class services helping the congress to be a very successful event.

doc. Ing. Michal Jandera, Ph.D.Associate Professor of Civil Engineering

Department of Steel and Timber Structures
Czech Technnical University in Prague:

Thank you very much for everything.

It was a perfect cooperation. Big thanks to your dear colleagues as well. You have a nice team. I very much appreciate your „There are never any problems" approach and your skill to solve all possible problems that suddenly appear onsite. Perfect.

I was very pleased to meet you. I would be happy to organize another event with you in the future again ... hopefully there will be some opportunities.


Services provided by Auletris helped to establish
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Auletris is a member of Prague Convention Bureau

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